Golden Hour Postcard

Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy
Before there was a monster, there was a child...

The Jan Hus Playhouse
May 1-10, 2013

Written by Caroline Angell
Directed by Anaïs Koivisto
Produced by Katherine Sommer

Golden Hour Postcard

The Golden Hour
(five plays in sixty minutes)

September, 2013
Cherry Hill, Central Park

A Brief Informational... (Written by Skylar Fox, Directed byLaura Hirschberg)
Isabel Sleep (Written by Essie Martsinkovsky, Directed by Karyn Joy DeYoung)
The Issue (Written by Brianna Keller, Directed by Christina Neubrand)
In the Land of Giants (Written by Gina Femia, Directed by Anaïs Koivisto)
Dog and Human (Written by Ellen Koivisto, Directed by Katherine Sommer)

If on a Winter's Night Postcard

If on a Winter's Night...
an evening of one-act plays
The Access Theatre Gallery
Dec 5-8, 2013,
Thursday - Sunday at 8pm, Sunday matinee at 3pm

Jen Tries Vacation (Wr. G.D. Kimble, Dir. Anaïs Koivisto)
People Will Talk About You Sometimes (Wr. Sarah Matusek, Dir. Taylor Reynolds)
The Policy (Wr. A.C. DeLashmutt, Dir. Katherine Sommer)

Development 2013

Developmental Reading - The Turn of the Screw (September, 2013)
Written by Jamie Wylie

Workshop - Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy (March, 2013)
Led by Katherine Sommer, Text Written by Caroline Angell

Developmental Reading - Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy (February, 2013)
Written by Caroline Angell

Staged Reading - Three Patricias (January, 2013 at Space on White)
Written by Regina Robbins, Directed by Anaïs Koivisto
Featuring: Mimi Ferraro, Iris McQuillan-Grace, Leanne Mercadante, Sunie Pope, Emily Rieder