Casting Opportunities


Everyday Inferno Theatre Company is now accepting submissions for our upcoming free show in Central Park, Supertopia. See below for auditions and submission information.

Supertopia is a play about what happens when what we owe to other people conflicts with what we owe to ourselves. A group of people who could easily be described as incredible find themselves in a situation where super is normal and nobody's in desperate need of a hero. Answerable to no one but themselves, the citizens of Supertopia must come to terms with their abilities and decide to what degree what they can do determines who they are.


Rehearses early July through mid-August (nights and weekends in Central Park, Brooklyn, and lower Manhattan. Final dress rehearsal 8/10; Performances Friday through Sunday early evenings 8/11-8/13 and 8/18-8/20.

All park shows are free and/or by donation only. There is no stipend guaranteed, although in the past we have been able to pay a small honorarium dependent on donations and expect to do so for this show as well.

Auditions will consist of a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue.

To Submit: email your heashot and resume to Casting. Please note your availability in your submission for the audition dates listed. Auditions will be 6/14 and 6/15 from 6-9pm at Cap21. Callbacks will be 2-5pm on 6/18 in Central Park


Applicants of all types and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to submit.

MAX: Female, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Has supersenses. Sophie's older sister. Wears sunglasses and headphones at all times. Steady, wise. Understands people more deeply than she or they would like.

SOPHIE: Female, 20-40, All Ethnicities. No powers. Max's younger sister. Brilliant scientist with a once-in-a-generation mind. Certain that she can solve any puzzle, or fix anything or anyone that's broken.

KAYE: Female, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Teleporter. Member of The Ultimate Fighting Force. Like quicksilver - difficult to hold onto, always in motion, impossible to contain.

MILES: Male, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Healer, formerly known as Miracle Man. In love with Keara. A natural leader reluctant to lead. Ready to let the weight of the world rest on someone else's shoulders.

PADMA: Female, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Can fly. Member of The Ultimate Fighting Force. Practical, reliable, honest. At her best and happiest when part of a team.

DEANNA: Female, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Breathes underwater. Teenager. Optimistic, confident, and fearless. Predisposed to heroism, regardless of her superpower.

KEARA: Female, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Has super-strength. Member of The Ultimate Fighting Force. In love with Miles. Powerful, but controlled, with a reckless streak she barely conceals.

SIMON: Male, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Telekinetic. Isolated and defensive. Gentle by nature, but wary of forming personal attachments because of the danger he believes he poses to others.

SHU: Male, 20-40, All Ethnicities. Talks to animals. Doesn't know how to communicate to people, either due to lack of experience or lack of interest. Curious and kind.


Production & Design Opportunities

by Regina Robbins
adapted from Nella Larsen

Access Theater project residency
through July 2017

DRAMATURG: Seeking a historically-minded dramaturg to join our ongoing developmental work at the Access Theater, where we are in residence through July 2017 alongside Bedlam, the Elevator Repair Service, Waterwell, and others. Quicksand is a theatrical adaptation of Nella Larsen's novel of the same name and deals in depth with issues of race and gender in the late 1920s. Our ideal candidate is someone deeply interested in the historical background of the piece, the process of adaptation, and the personal and social issues explored by the work.
Compensation: All participants in the developmental residency are volunteering their time and there is no stipend currently associated with the project, but we do hope to bring this project to full production in a future season.
Commitment: The Quicksand corps meets 1-3 times per month (generally nights and weekends) in studio space. The specific time commitment for the dramaturgy position can be extremely flexible to suit the needs of the dramaturg and playwright.
To Apply: Please send a resume and brief letter expressing your interest in this piece to (subject: Quicksand/Dramaturg).


by Reina Hardy
Anaïs Koivisto, director
Katherine Sommer, producer

The Access Theater
rehearses 9/10-10/16
tech 10/16-10/18
performances 10/19-10/29

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Seeking a creative, responsible, and motivated assistant director for our NYC premiere production of Reina Hardy's Glassheart. The assistant director will be responsible for maintaining the directors book, providing a second perspective in rehearsal, helping with ongoing organizational tasks, and possibly running secondary rehearsals. Our ideal candidate is particularly interested in new plays and/or translating fantasy and magic into a theatrical medium. (There is no stipend available for this position.)