our fifth annual free show in Central Park


Summit Rock, Central Park
August 11-13, 18-20 at 6:30pm
Suggested Donation: $10

Sometimes it's not as simple as saving the day...

Supertopia is a play about what happens when what we owe to other people conflicts with what we owe to ourselves. A group of people who could easily be described as incredible find themselves in a situation where super is normal and nobody's in desperate need of a hero. Answerable to no one but themselves, the citizens of Supertopia must come to terms with their abilities and decide to what degree what they can do determines who they are.


Estefania Fadul LAURA HIRSCHBERG (Playwright) has collaborated with Everyday Inferno as a playwright, director, and enthusiastic audience member since the company's early days. Supertopia originated as part of 2016's Playwright/Director Development Lab.  Other playwriting credits include: Heart of Oak (Everyday Inferno); Verona Walls (WorkShop Theater); Fire Thief (Looking Glass Theatre); Call Me... (WorkShop Theater); Truth and the Mountain Men (Ugly Rhino); and Fish Food (WorkShop Theater).  An excerpt from Laura's play,Her Brother's Keeper, was published by Smith & Kraus as part of their collection of 2016's Best Men's Stage Monologues.  Laura is currently an associate artistic director at The WorkShop Theater.
ANAÏS KOIVISTO(Producer) is thrilled to be supporting the development of this exciting new work as part of Everyday Inferno’s 2017 season of Perception, and hopes you will continue to enjoy the rest of our season and seasons ahead!
KATHERINE SOMMER(Director) is a New York-based producer and director, a Skidmore College graduate, and the Producing Director of Everyday Inferno Theatre Company. With Everyday Inferno, Katherine’s directing credits include the world premiere of Punk as Fuck, By Sun and Candlelight, and Stella Starlight: Queen of Space and The Policy as a part of If on a Winter’s Night…. Katherine has produced The Turn of the Screw at the historic Morris-Jumel Mansion, A Map to Somewhere Else, Something Wicked and Heart of Oak (Hangover Encore selections in the 2014 and 2015 FRIGID New York festivals), and Briar Rose & the Thirteenth Fairy. Katherine has served on the board of Tomfoolery Theatre (NJ), and has directed multiple short plays at the Looking Glass Theater (NY).
† Denotes Everyday Inferno company members